Thanks to Harold Hyde

I can remember many nights when me and my wife would pop up some popcorn and just cuddle up watching Oz. What young couple wouldn’t love this show on HBO that’s included in my

It may seem that Oz is a new hit series, but it has been around for a few years now. Many of the people I talk to watch Oz regularly as well, so it’s definitely a show that appeals to a lot of audience.

The whole concept of Oz is that it’s based in a prison with inmates that have committed some of the most grim crimes the world has ever faced. They all have to live with each other and the day could end with someone getting stabbed in the showers, than forcefully raped while others watch or with a shakedown for contraband because the inmates upset the guards.

This shows has its twists which keeps me and many others around the world watching to see just what could happen next. I think it would be safe to say that each episode is unpredictable.

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