Ever since Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s running mate, there has been an obvious bias against Sarah Palin. The media has dug up Sarah Palin scandals, attacked her defenders, and endlessly discussed why she did not she did not deserve the position.

Mona Charen discusses an extremely logical hypothesis for why the media despises Sarah Palin and she sums it by saying it is all about Sarah Palin’s special needs son – Trig.

Here are two great pieces from that article but I urge you to read the whole thing:

How do the media poobahs explain it? They say (and to her credit, Sally Quinn has apologized for her comments) that it was Palin’s inexperience that prompted their contempt. But aren’t these the same people who had just the week before been defending Barack Obama’s thin resume?

Something about Sarah Palin set them off before their own politically correct impulses (“Must Avoid Sexism”) could inhibit them. By the ferocity of the response, you might have thought Palin was a secret member of a polygamous cult or had forced her daughter to give birth after a rape. But no, she was just the mother of five, hunting, fishing, NRA member, and governor.

and her conclusion:

But for themselves, they would abort. And there stands Sarah, Trig Palin in her arms, a beautiful ambassador for the path of humility, duty, honor, and grace. It’s no wonder she was in their crosshairs from the get go.

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