Presidential candidates are supposed to be working for the people, yet they always seem to care more about what lobbyists, financial people and pollsters have to say. If I had my wish, I would love to be able to ask the candidates questions myself, and even better would be if they would answer those questions. There is an amazing product from Zabaware that allows me to do just that. I can ask the cadidates anything I want. If the candidates see the question, they can answer to YOU, the voter.

Isn’t that just amazing? Candidates working with regular people to get votes? I’ll bet this is how campaigns used to be. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln spoke to regular people instead of having pollsters figure out what should be in a negative ad. Candidates should tell the people how they really feel instead of making things up just to get votes. If real people asked questions maybe then the candidates would start telling the truth. Only if they tell the truth will they deserve our votes.

Go try it yourself. Stop screaming at the TV or the Radio and ask the candidates questions yourself. Visit and start asking questions to any of the candidates for president this year.


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