Hillary Clinton said today that we need to take the troops out of Iraq because this a war “we cannot win.” Hillary went on to say that “Our economic security is at stake. Taking into consideration the long-term costs of replacing equipment and providing medical care for troops and survivors’ benefits for their families, the war in Iraq could ultimately cost well over $1 trillion.” Clinton also took the opportunity to take a stab at Obama and suggest that although Obama has promised many times to pull out of Iraq if elected, in reality he probably wouldn’t go through with it.

Clinton rival Barack Obama didn’t let such views fly, especially because Clinton herself voted to go to war. He responded to her comments by saying, “I think Senator Clinton has a lot of chutzpah, as they say, to in some way to suggest that I’m the person who has not been clear about my positions on Iraq. I have been opposed to this war from the start.”

The question is if all the this even matters since the war seems to have taken a back seat on number the number one issue for American voters. According to Reuters, the economy has now taken the front slot for the issue which Americans care the most about. Given that fact, the candidates might want to save the dirty talk for their economic policies (or lack their of.)

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