Andrew Sullivan wrote a piece on the Timesonline yesterday writing why “the Clintons are like a horror film that never ends.” Sullivan writes eloquently what many of us voters know, but do not have the luxury of repeating to hundreds of thousands of people, the Clintons are dangerous in power: corrupt,liars,cheaters,and haters. Sullivan points out that Hillary will undoubtedly stay in the race as long as there is a slight-even if only the slightest- change to win. Sullivan sums up the Clinton administration well when he writes,

“that the substantive legacy of the Clinton administration… was a perfectly respectable one: welfare reform, fiscal sanity, prudent foreign policy, leaner government. But remembering the day-to-day psychodramas of those years still floods my frontal cortex with waves of loathing and anxiety. The further away you are from them, the easier it is to think they’re fine. Up close they are an intolerable, endless, soul-sapping soap opera.”

After that, there isn’t much more to add, but to urge voters to remember this. Brining back the Clintons to power is a mistake. They have shown what they are made of, they have proved that they think they are entitled to more than anyone else, and Clinton has shown that she will take all measures to harm those around her she doesn’t like.

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