Evidently, Samantha Power can’t control her mouth. Ms. Power was recently quoted as describing Sen. Clinton as a “monster”.

The article further states that “Power, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is professor of practice of global leadership and public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.”

It is ironic and a bit sad that such a singularly hailed and highly esteemed member of Obama’s inner-circle, a woman who has been described as a “whiz” by Salon.com, seems to lack the verbal muzzle required of foreign policy and diplomacy experts. I have to wonder what other tirades she has in store for the real monsters of the world, the very people who would fall within her purview should she be awarded the office she clearly desires.

Given her clear mastery of diplomatic discourse about friends, politicians, and other people of common purpose, I shudder at the thought of a neophyte like Ms. Power, who, like her boss, lacks any real experience in the real world, being given a microphone and asked to articulate American foreign policy without the rancor and hysteria that passes for professorial language these days.

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