The following is a guest post by an 18 year old voting in his first election. The author has been invited to represent the views of the virgin voter:

Recently, we have been inundated with articles about organic, and locally grown foods. So, today, Sunday, I finally decided to get myself out there and attend our local farmers market. The farmer’s market is all about organic and locally grown, boosting our environment, and contributing to small business-ideas that Barack Obama and his ilk want to encourage. When I got there, I was shocked!! Organic Oranges, an everyday fruit in my home was $1.25 a pound as opposed to the regular .49 cents at our local grocery store.

It got me thinking, and I wonder if the root of all this environmental frenzy is a way for rich elitists to make themselves feel good. Barack Obama himself, the self proclaimed ‘voice of the working class,’ has recently spoken of high prices at Whole Foods. When I heard this, I knew he must be a rich elitist himself. How many Americans can afford to shop at stores like Whole Foods, and particularly afford their organic produce for two or three times the price of regular fruit at stores like-the very hated- Wal-Mart? For those of you out there who consider Barack Obama a man of the people, pay close attention to the way he discusses environmental issues and solutions. Sure it would be nice if we could all drive electric, or even hybrid cars, but how many Americans could seriously afford an overpriced Toyota Prius. Barack Obama, please remember that once you consider yourself a man who purchases your salads at Whole Foods, you are no more middle-class than the Bush’s and John Kerry’s of the world.

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