Written by Fermin Washington

The easiest decision of the holidays for me is to buy that plane ticket to Reno. My brother owns a restaurant there that is attached to a casino. He helps pay for the ticket and I, in turn, will help to cover some of his bills that he racks up in the crazy nights on the town that we spend. We have a great bond and Christmas time only strengthens that bond. Eventually I will have to settle down and marry but Reno is a great place to find a girlfriend. My brother is connected with all of the higher ups and has been able to set me up with some wonderful, kind women as a result.

I left the house over nine days ago and can only say that I set the home security alarm from securitychoice.combefore I left. Things can get crazy in Reno if you don’t protect yourself. We don’t drive drunk and we have never got into a car with people that we don’t know. Brotherhood is a fantastic experience when my brother looks at me and seems to tell me about all the pride he is experiencing. I graduate in May and am hoping to join him in the restaurant for a couple years. He will teach me the ropes and give me the good recommendations I am going to need.

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