After doing my taxes this year, I realized how easy it really was to do taxes. I had an absolute epiphany. If I can do taxes for myself, why not do it for others and GET paid. Apparently its not as easy as just fill out some forms on Turbo tax and just charge people. I actually had to take and do well on an    income tax course. The course was not that difficult for me because I I am pretty good at numbers.

My next step is to take the IRS exam, but this is far harder. Even the the thought of getting certified by the government makes me nervous. Everyone, tax attorney, CPA and regular filer is scared of the big bad IRS, so I am no different. Nonetheless, if I want to advance in my tax preparation career, I am going to have to face this demon and take this test.

To prepare for the tests, I used fast forward academy, and I really felt confident that I was going to do well. This is no fly by night organization or a simple tax test for dummies book from the library. This is quality learning that is going to be really helpful throughout my career. If you have a hankering for taxes, you can also start taking some courses and get certified. So don’t delay, there are 2 days left until Tax Day.



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