Hillary Clinton has spent years trying to make us forget that she was publicly scorned by her husband. Her run for president has been graced with her classic stoicism and she only slipped up and “cried” when absolutely necessary. Now Bill Clinton’s philandering ways are back in the media as a result of Elliot Spitzer’s indiscretions, and they could actually destroy her campaign as today’s Washington Post says:

Now, his apparent involvement with a prostitution ring has not only distracted attention from her efforts to take down the front-runner, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), it has also brought back unhelpful memories of her own husband’s dalliances in office. There on cable television again were pictures of Bill Clinton hugging Monica S. Lewinsky. And the image of Spitzer’s wife standing painfully by his side while he acknowledged unspecified wrongdoing could not help but remind some of Hillary Clinton’s own stand-by-her-man moment.
This certainly is not the way Clinton’s strategists would have mapped out this week on the campaign trail. They want voters to be thinking about that 3 a.m. phone call in terms of who is ready to handle a crisis in the White House, not in terms of where an unfaithful husband might be catting around town. And, sure enough, the late-night comedians wasted little time linking the Spitzer case to the Clintons. Jay Leno joked Monday night that Spitzer’s scandal “means Hillary Clinton is now only the second angriest woman in the state of New York.” David Letterman offered a Top 10 List of excuses Spitzer might cite, including the No. 1 excuse: “I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago.”

Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to distance herself from the Spitzer troubles. I would not be surprised if she actually took Elliot Spitzer’s side. She cannot afford anyone to remember how she shamed all women by standing by her husband and not taking a stand for herself. The women voters who she desperately need in Pennsylvania would do themselves well to remember that she is not the example of a woman they want in office. For the undecided in Pennsylvania, they are now being reminded that it was this very moment of weakness that is used as ammunition for those that say she will do whatever it takes to become president.

I am extremely curious to see how Hillary Clinton will spin this and it would be great to hear ideas. One conclusion is certain is that she will not give up.

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