I’m sick and tired of hearing Sen. Obama hail his supposedly courageous and informed decision about the war. He keeps saying over and over and over again that he made the right decision and that Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain made the wrong decision. Let’s dissect this for a moment.

1) Sen. Obama was not in the senate. He was not provided any access to the NIE or to any other classified materials about Iraq.

2) Sen. Obama did not have the weight of the defense establishment, the CIA, and our other intelligence gathering entities coming to bear on his decision.

3) Sen. Obama did not have the ability to ask any pointed questions of any public officials who were publicly and privately informing senators.

4) Sen. Obama did not have a decision to make which would have had lasting or consequential repercussions.

In effect, Sen. Obama did not make an informed decision. He made a flippant decision based on his gut and what he read about in the NYT. To say that the other senators “gave in to Bush” is to imply that senators should not believe the President of the United States when he tells them that the country and our allies are in immediate danger. Not believing the President and ignoring what informed people tell you because you want to be President one day is beyond stupid and partisan. It’s also traitorous and a clear dereliction of duty.

His logic is insane. It implies that any Senator who disagrees with the President on ideological grounds should refuse to believe him. That attitude would destroy the foundation of our government, a government founded almost exclusively on trust.

Sen. McCain and Sen. Clinton were told in no uncertain terms that we were facing a biological, chemical, and nuclear nightmare in Iraq. They made a decision based on that information. Whether the people who informed them were right or wrong is for history to tell. To imply, however, that they lack the proper judgment about Iraq because they chose to side with professionals who painted a dire and horrible picture is malicious; there was only one decision. What would have had happened had the NIE been right and they had refused the President the power he sought? Israel would be gone and we’d have a big mushroom cloud where many of the Shia countries used to be. They chose to protect America and her allies. There was no alternative.

Sen. Obama flipped a coin. He had a 50/50 chance, and it came up heads for him. It’s gratifying to learn that he’s willing to vilify people for making sound, rational decisions based on what professionals tell them. If he wins, I’m sure Mr. Uniter will listen very carefully and intently to those who agree with him. Clearly, they are the only people who matter.

I pray that McCain makes mincemeat of this man. Obama’s argument isn’t just naive. It’s the argument of a traitor.

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