For the first time, in a long time, I am getting ready to go to work at the hospital as a nurse. I’ve been out of work now for about two years and I feel like a child getting ready to go to her first day of kindergarten. I’ve bought all my medical dental uniforms, turned in my nursing licenses, and had my PPD test for Tuberculosis. I am so excited. I know my first day of work will be great and I will be hit with a great sense of accomlishment as soon as I walk in and see everyone walking around the hospital grounds in their nurse uniform.

There is nothing that says hospital more than the doctor uniform everyone wears to work. To some they are scary, but to me they are simply comfortable and familiar. In other wings the of the hospital there will doctors dressed in a green scrubs which is less scary but at the same time it just seems more clinical. If its been a long tough day for a doctor there may even be fluid stains on the scrubs. Luckily for me, I wear a bright cheery nurses uniform. I can’t wait to get my candy stripe look going and get back to work and if you work in mu industry get your uniforms from too.

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