I don’t think there was a pollster or pundit or person of average intelligence who thought this wouldn’t happen. Of course he won! Blacks made up an enormous percentage of the electorate.

This win is going to hurt him. I don’t believe Obama has a snowball’s chance in hell to win on Feb. 5. I don’t think, even if his snowball does survive the heat, that he has any chance whatsoever in winning a general election. And now that he’s won by convincing blacks that he’s with them, there isn’t a white or Hispanic voter in the south who’s gonna’ vote for him. This isn’t a racist argument. I’m not discounting his merits as a candidate or his brilliance or accomplishments. He’s a talented and capable guy. I’m just addressing reality. Now that he’s won SC, whites are going find his “I’m for everyone” argument incredibly hollow. Even worse, while he’s been campaigning in SC, his nemesis has been campaigning everywhere else, conceding the state to him long before the primary.

The only thing that Obama has confirmed is that he, like Jesse Jackson before him, is capable of rallying blacks to his side.

The guy is floating on a prayer. If he tries to play this as anything more than it is, whites are going to be turned off in droves. The Hispanics already can’t stand him, and the stories of intimidation in Nevada are already spreading like wildfire.

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