On Larry King Live last week, Michael Medved appeared and said, that morning he had interviewed a few Barack Obama fans for his radio show. He said that when he asked what Barack Obama stood for they all said ‘change’, but when asked what kind of change, none of them had a solid answer.

In Yougstown, Ohio, after Barack Obama claimed victory in Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton said, “It’s about picking a president who relies not just on words, but on work, hard work, to get America back to work, someone who’s not just in the speeches business.” This comes as no surprise and contains much truth. Barack Obama has been preaching ‘change’, though few understand or know what exactly that change is.

We all understand that a black president means change, but so does electing someone for president who only has a few years experience on Capitol Hill. While speaking with students on a college campus this week, I realized this concern and began to question those who weren’t concern by his lack of experience. I came to realize that the young voters relate to him, maybe a bit too closely. A student said that she feels Barack Obama’s lack of experience to be an attractive quality. Just as she is new to the political scene (this is the first election she can vote in,) so too is Barack Obama new. She will vote for him because she wants a new young fresh face and ideas.

All I can do at this point is give it up for Barack Obama’s campaign managers. They managed to create an entire campaign based on one word with no meaning. Change. Some supporters might say that means that everyone will be insured, but how Barack Obama plans on making such a move remains a secret to the public. Some might say he represents change in Iraq, another process that seems quite implausible and lacks an efficient plan.

Although ‘CHANGE’ has worked thus far, once the primaries are done, Barack Obama better be ready to produce a clear game plan. Barack Obama supporters might have chosen him over Hillary, but change may not be enough next to a 30+ year veteran of our nation’s Capitol Hill.

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