Sen. Obama’s campaign is unraveling right before our eyes. He has made the gas tax proposal put forward by his opponents a cause celebre, pointing out that it’s a shell game meant to confuse voters instead of doing anything useful or productive. He has denounced it in the strongest terms. He doesn’t believe in it. For him, $0.18/gal is not nearly enough money for the measure to be realistic or practical. It’s funny he should feel that way. Why, you might ask? All the economists seem to agree with him. Perhaps we’re seeing more of his I-was-right-before-anyone-else-was attitude. Sadly, he may be right now, but he wasn’t eight years ago. Illinois Sen. Obama had a different attitude.

Obama voted for a temporary suspension of the state gas tax back in 2000. That tax amounted to a paltry $0.05/gal, considerably less than the $0.18/gal current under discussion. Furthermore, he was so proud of the bill that he jokingly asked that his name be put on every pump in Illinois broadcasting his he, Sen. Obama, had saved the tax payers every time they decided to fill up their cars.

I have yet to see him address on the stump. Why was $0.05/gal fantastic news eight years ago but $0.18/gal is not good news now? Did economics theory change? Did the laws of supply and demand change? Was the shell game any different? Nope. Same laws. Same principles. Same Obama. Same politician.

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