Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama agreed on Thursday to hold two more debates with rival Hillary Clinton before March 4, officials from his campaign said.

One debate will take place on February 26 in Cleveland, Ohio. The other will take place in Texas on a date to be determined.

At this point Obama is clearly the front runner. He does not have anything to gain from further debates. Two assumptions can be made from Obama’s capitulation to Hillary’s request to have more debates. The first is that Obama will allow Clinton to dig herself into a deep hole which will ensure an Obama victory. This has been a tactic in the debates up until now. However, I do not believe this is as likely, since Obama’s risk of failing at this goal is too great. If the previous debate in Los Angeles was any indication, I believe that Obama is gearing up for a possible tie when he may have to work together with Clinton in choosing the next nominee. He possibly intends to showcase himself as similar to Clinton so that in the likelihood of a tie, Clinton supporters will not see a great loss in not nominating Clinton or he can run together with Clinton.

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