Yesterday, the The New York Times attacked John McCain in way of supporting Barack Obama’s campaign, now the Times has gone after Hillary Clinton. They have gone through Hillary Clinton’s campaign finance reports and discovered some jewels.

Nearly $100,000 went for party platters and groceries before the Iowa caucuses, even though the partying mood evaporated quickly. Rooms at the Bellagio luxury hotel in Las Vegas consumed more than $25,000; the Four Seasons, another $5,000. And top consultants collected about $5 million in January, a month of crucial expenses and tough fund-raising.
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest campaign finance report, published Wednesday night, appeared even to her most stalwart supporters and donors to be a road map of her political and management failings. Several of them, echoing political analysts, expressed concerns that Mrs. Clinton’s spending priorities amounted to costly errors in judgment that have hamstrung her competitiveness against Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

The zeal is most apparent when they wait until the end of the article to point out that Barack Obama has also overspent in some areas.

Mr. Obama’s campaign is not without highly paid consultants. His top media strategist is David Axelrod, whose firm received $175,000 in January and has collected $1.2 million over all. Mr. Obama’s polling is spread among four firms that have received $2.8 million collectively.

This from a paper that endorsed Hillary Clinton!

Interestingly enough, the New York Post, a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp –far from a Hillary Clinton supporting corporation – chose to only focus on the juicy gossip portion of the campaign finance report :

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s free-spending campaign blew a whopping $95,000 at a low-end supermarket-deli chain last month in Iowa – a telling sign of why she can no longer cut the mustard financially against Barack Obama in critical states.

The New York Post did not jump to the same judgment that “Hillary Clinton has failed in managing her campaign.” If the New York Times has formally stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back, who will be the next? Could it Bill or Chelsea? Now that would make for some good coverage.

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