Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

My mom is living alone for the first time in her life since that died and we are all a little bit worried about her. She doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned but I feel a little uncomfortable knowing she’s and that big house all by herself. I got her home security ft worth to at least give me a little more peace of mind and she says she actually likes how quiet it is. She got a cat a few months ago which I find hilarious because my dad was always allergic to cats and I never even had any idea she wanted one. Mom seems to be doing just fine and the rest of us just need to chill out a little bit but we love her so much and just want to make sure she’s happy. I think at the end of the day keeping our family home instead of allowing her to downsize was the best decision at she still gets to live in the place she and my dad made a home.

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