This will be the first post in a series of posts discussing running mates for John McCain. I will focus on each possibility in detail. Here are my top 10 reasons that John McCain will choose Romney as his running mate:

1) Mitt Romney has conservative credentials

2) In an election year that coincides with a recession, having a financial whiz as your running mate helps

3) Mitt Romney represent New England, much the same way that New Englander John Kerry drafted Southerner John Edwards, Southwesterner John McCain needs his New England partner

4) Mitt Romney lost the race with grace, he will not try to upstage his boss neither on the campaign trail nor in office

5) Mitt Romney came close in the early states Huckabee won

6) Mitt Romney’s liberal slant is desirable to John McCain

7) Mitt Romney makes a better candidate in 2016 than Mike Huckabee

8) Mitt Romney can raise a lot more money than John McCain

9) Mitt Romney has the highest likelihood of assisting in a successful race

10) Most importantly in my opinion is Mitt Romney projects a youthful counter balance to John McCain’s age

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