Attempting to show John McCain as another 4 years of Bush, the DNC has released an ad showing similarities between presidential nominee John McCain and President George Bush. This strategy is not new, and it is my opinion that it will backfire. Campaigning on who someone is not is not a good enough for campaigning on who someone IS.

erhaps Sen. John McCain’s greatest vulnerability in the general election is his proud role as President Bush’s reliable wingman for nearly eight years.

While that position works well with Republican base voters, it’s likely political poison with the larger electorate which largely disdains Bush, as demonstrated by the president’s approval rating which is around 30 percent.

Hoping to take advantage of that Achilles heel and to place McCain on the defensive–a position the McCain camp has placed Sen. Barack Obama in for much of August– the Democratic National Committee has a new ad up called “Totally in agreement.”

Those are words McCain used to describe his faithfulness to Bush’s positions on issues. The ad show McCain saying that he voted with the president 95 percent of the time, even more than fellow Republicans.

A Democratic operative who wanted to be off-the-record said the ad represents a renewed push by Democrats not let Republicans win the battle of defining the opponent.

“… This is evidence that we’re going to take an aggressive approach to driving the contrast between McCain and Obama during this convention,” the source said. “We’re not going to make the same mistake we did in ’04.”

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