As soon as it was announced that John McCain’s Vice President Nominee -in – waiting Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, was pregnant, reporters began scouring the Alaskan tundra for the baby’s father. Today he was found and his name is Levi Johnston. Levi Johnston is a 17 year old high school hockey player and he will now be the potential vice – president Sarah Palin’s son – in – law.

He’s suddenly the most famous high school hockey player of all time.

So dedicated to the sport of hockey is Levi Johnston that he declared on his MySpace page, “I live to play hockey,” according to the New York Daily News.

So dedicated to the sport is Levi Johnston that he’s willing to play through pain — a cracked tibia, no less — to help his team to victory, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Ignoring entirely vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s plea for privacy, the media has jumped all over the opportunity to discover everything it can about Levi Johnston. All that we here at Sports Pros(e) can deduce at this point is that he’s the most famous high school hockey player of all time.

Asking the media not to respect privacy in a family matter is kind of like asking the Mongols to plunder everything but the China — leave the fine China, please?

To which the Mongols reply simply: Smash.

Deadspin delves into it here.

Huffington Post focuses on the ‘redneck’ thing here. And Max Blumenthal weighs in with the taste-free, aren’t-I-a-clever-devil moniker ‘Juno from Juneau.’

Our own Carol Marin, however, reminds us that it’s really none of our business to begin with here.

Chicago Sun Times

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