I just received this email from an anonymous email address.

“Dear Webmaster,

I was just fired from my job on the Barack Obama campaign because of “inappropriate internet use” when all I was doing was using Facebook. I have a secret I am desperate to share because I am PISSED. I spent a year getting coffee and working 90 hour weeks so I could put the experience on my resume and now it’s worthless because I got fired.

I heard from an extremely credible colleague a couple days ago that Barack Obama would be announcing his running mate at 8:30 AM EST on Friday August 22nd. My colleague told me that the running mate will be Tim Kaine of Virginia. Now that they canned me, I am leaking this story. I still believe Barack Obama should be president but I am mad at my bosses so I want to screw them over. I don’t think me leaking this will hurt Barack Obama, so I feel safe. I have sent this to a few other blogs so who ever posts it first gets the story.

Here is my proof that I worked on the Obama campaign but please redact it if you post this on your site. REDACTEDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXREDACTED.
Anonymous Obviously

I personally believe it, but what you do is up to you. This site is devoted to election rumors and Tim Kaine as Barack Obama’s Vice President is as valid of a rumor as any other.

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