There is one promise that Senator John McCain will struggle to keep if he does become president next year. When asked by Time’s Rick Stengel, moderating the 9/11 anniversary forum on national service at Columbia University in New York city, whether he would give Barack Obama a cabinet job, he responded that he would offer Barack Obama a position.

“Governor Schwarzenegger has made the service czar a cabinet-level appointment,” Stengel said. “Would you, as president, do the same and would you name Senator Obama to your cabinet for National Service?” McCain paused for a beat before replying with a smile: “Yes!”.

John McCain also praised Senator Obama for his “outstanding” work as a community organizer – a profession ridiculed by Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin at the Republican convention in St Paul, Minnesota last week. “Of course I respect community organizers,” he said. “Of course I respect people who serve their communities. Sentaor Obama’s service in that area is outstanding,”

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