Matt Glazer makes a valid point about John McCain and his reluctance to play up his war heroness.

“The media is empowering the mythos of John McCain and doing a disservice to our fighting men and women. The Texas and national media must hold McCain to either being upfront with his military background or end the media created characterization of a “reluctant” Republican”

However, I would have to disagree with him. In a year of economic turmoil, John McCain would prefer that he be elected for his leadership roles not for being a prisoner of war. The media discusses his hero activities because it is more glamourous for them to talk about then the Economic policies THEY (the media) disagree with. Their love for John McCain as a person could not be more apparent as you can see on this video on Crooks and Liars however, this love will only last until a Democratic nominee is chosen. Once their is a nominee, expect the gloves to come off as the media tears into McCain since the day the media supports a Republican in the general election is the day that hell freezes over forever. Don’t worry Glazer, supporting McCain in the meantime is just good for ratings.

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