John McCain has secured the Republican nomination so issues that would typically cause him indigestion in the Republican primary will not likely be raised anymore. One of these such issues is his stance on illegal immigration. I am sure there will be a lengthy debate on illegal immigration in the runup to the general election but the Democrats mostly agree with John McCain. However, in my opionion there are aspects to John McCain’s stance on illegal immigration which should call into question some of his national security credentials.

Michelle Malkin writes on her blog that she received an interesting email from a reader about Jaun Hernandez, John McCain’s Hispanic Chair. “Hispanic Republicans here in Nevada had a chance to speak by conference to Sen. John McCain and many of us were appalled to learn that his National Director of Hispanic Outreach is none other that Dr. Juan Hernandez, notorious for his open borders stance. How can McCain reconcile the fact that he says he “learnt his lesson w/the American people” with choosing as his Hispanic Ntl. Dir. someone whose views and interests are so clearly anti-security and not in the interest of the American people or for that matter us legal Hispanic immigrants. Can someone question him directly on this?”

Jaun Hernandez is very much in favor of an open border. John McCain’s partnering with Jaun Hernandez should cause more questions than just those about illegal immigration. An open border would mean Al Qaeda, drugs, and weapons can walk across the same border as Mexican immigrants. If John McCain truly cared about our national security he would steer clear of anyone threw open the door to the greatest security risks. While the Democratic nominee likely will not bring up illegal immigration in attack, they should bring up Jaun Hernandez as a way to show cracks in John McCain’s national security stance.

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