So how conservative is John McCain, and is the Clinton’s claim a few weeks ago that Hillary is close friends with McCain really true? I believe that, that rumor was put out by the Clinton campaign to harm John McCain’s credentials. Let’s go back to a wistful time in 1998 at a Republican Senate fundraiser where John McCain
asked, “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

The actual joke was meant to dig on the premise that Hillary Clinton is/was a lesbian, an issue would we could find ourselves exploring once again if Clinton wins the nomination. In 1998 it was quite curious that very few media outlets actually reported the joke verbatim. Is it because the Clinton’s were fearful of the public actually researching the lesbian claims? That could very well be the truth, but that does not have as much immediate bearing on our present campaign. However, this previous history between McCain and Clinton’s appears to contrast the ‘liberal’ credentials the media has given McCain.

This discrepancy needs to be closely examined by voters. Was this statement made by the Clintons to possibly sabotage McCain’s campaign as it is probable for him to win the Republican nomination? From McCain’s side of things, he has gotten much backlash for being so well liked by Democrats (like the Clinton’s and the New York Times,) that this scenario is very possible. If this theory is true, the Clinton’s are likely more afraid of McCain than they are of Romney. For the Republicans to think of winning in November they should take note of who the Clinton’s and their puppeteers fear. On the other hand, maybe the Clinton’s fear a McCain candidacy because McCain is the Democrat on the Republican ticket? What ever the real story is, the Clinton’s are definitely pulling someone’s strings.

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