So this weekend, I sat down by my fireplace with my laptop opened to my online trading account and thought about my investment portfolio. Obviously times have been tough and my portfolio looks beyond horrible. The market has been rough for everyone over the last 9 months and as an average American family my account is terrible too. Nonetheless, I think there are some good buys out there, and there of course some really bad ones. I did a bit of research on my online broker, and based on what I believe to be true and the technical information I saw online, I think BP is a buy.

The stock is currently near one of its all time lows, and its a great British company. Since I am buying this stock online and I don’t pay huge commissions for stock trading, it seems like a safe gamble. If I am wrong I can just bail on the trade without a huge commission on the way out. I don’t believe BP will go out of business and wipe out all of their shareholders, nor do I think the Government will allow them to fail outright. So take my advice fire up your online accounts and start buying some stock!

Now that I decided to buy the BP stock I had to decided where to buy it. I decided to go with FirstTrade for 2 primary reasons. 1) First trade allows Mobile Trading. I am an Iphone addict and I do almost everything from my phone and the ability to buy and sell on my phone is a deciding factor for me. 2) As someone who cares about my retirement these trades are for my IRA accounts and First Trade specializes in retirement. This weekend I made the BP purchase. For everyone in our economies sake, lets hope it was a good buy.

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