The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

As a stay-at-home dad with 4 kids under 10 years of age, my house is a zoo. There is never a dull moment. Someone is always coming or going and it can be tough to keep up with where everyone is. That’s why I love the door chime on my ADT Bristol home security system. It lets me know every time someone opens and exterior door with a little beep beep beep. I believe that outside activities are much better than having the kids inside all day watching television. The fresh air is great for keeping them healthy and staying active only helps them grow bigger and stronger. We have a great set-up in our back yard with a play house and swing set. The yard is fenced so I feel safe with them out there for extended periods of time even if I need to be inside working on something like lunch or dinner or laundry. It’s just that sometimes they forget to tell me when they are going in or out and with four it can be difficult to keep up. Now if I could just install a counter I’d be set!

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