After Tuesday night’s loss, Huckabee said, “Let me assure you that if it were about ego, my ego doesn’t enjoy getting these kinds of evenings where we don’t win the primary elections, so it’s got to be about something more than that, and it is. It’s about convictions.” Huckabee continued by saying, “We’re going to keep marching on.”

Huckabee’s statement a few weeks ago “I majored in miracles, not math,” seems to be taking on new meaning. As McCain wins more states and more delegates, Huckabee’s chances at winning the nomination are pretty much done. Most of the public is astounded at Huckabee’s persistence, though his statement to assure the public that he does not remain in the race because of his ego was important statement. If in fact though he is remaining in the race because of his convictions, voters should take another look at him. We don’t often see politicians who are so sure of their policies and convictions, on either side of the fence.

This statement, despite seeming almost idiotic on the surface, might actually encourage people to vote for him, or at least support him in the future despite a probable loss today. To see a politician who remains true to himself, despite a guaranteed loss at the nomination, is someone to take a double look at and keep an eye out for on future policies in which he is involved.

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