As expected Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama in Pennsylvania and the pundits are out in force. What does this mean for Hillary Clinton and what does it mean for Barack Obama? Well let’s look at the statistics:

” The exit poll numbers reported by a variety of media outlets suggest that the political demographics in Pennsylvania are similar to those seen in many previous large-state Democratic contests. Obama, who is seeking to make history as the nation’s first black president, had support from 92 percent of African-American exit poll respondents, while 55 percent of white respondents favored Clinton, according to the Associated Press. Whites were expected to make up about 80 percent of the electorate, with African Americans accounting for about 15 percent.”

So Barack Obama won the African American vote and Hillary Clinton the majority of White voters.

If Barack Obama wins the nomination as he is expected to, his chances are quite slim for the Fall. Hillary Clinton may have a difficult time actually locking up the Democratic nomination this late in the game, and her Pennsylvania victory does not indicate anything other than that our Nation is divided as ever.

The real dirt on this fractious primary is that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton can grab enough of the overall electorate to secure their chances in November. Since both candidates egos are too big to see anything beyond themselves they will continue attacking each other and thereby campaign for John McCain.

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