On Thursday, during a debate, Clinton called Obama a “blank screen,” because he was running for president during his first term as senator. CNN reports that Hillary Clinton said in an interview on Thursday, “I think the best description, actually, is in Barack’s own book, the last book he wrote, ‘Audacity of Hope,’ where he said that he’s a blank screen.” “And people of widely differing views project what they want to believe onto him. And then he went on to say, ‘I am bound to disappoint some, if not all of them.’ He was in the state Senate, what, three years ago, four years ago? It’s hard to know exactly what his positions are because they have changed rather rapidly in that four-year period. But there is something very appealing, and people have a right to vote for whomever they want.”

However offensive one may find these comments, the reality for Obama is that they are 100% true. Obama keeps telling audiences that he has a ‘history’, although his history only spans a couple of years, not much for a presidential nominee. The claims that Obama is bound to disappoint, are on the mark. People want to vote for Obama so he could bring change, but what kind of change? A change of naïve policy and idealistic and un-realistic ideas, or a change of liberalness that could risk our countries stability? Hillary’s claim that Obama is a ‘blank screen’ accurately describe his policies in all areas of politics. We don’t know because he doesn’t have a history.

Some have pointed to JFK, making comparisons between him and Obama, pointing to JFK’s lack of experience and short term in Congress before running for president. Although this is a good tactic for Obama, the truth is that JFK had more experience as he traveled the world and Europe during his Congressional career, and was the son of an ambassador, war hero, and political figure, quite a different upbringing from Obama’s. So, next time any of you have the opportunity to question Obama, please ask him how do we vote for someone whose history is unknown and policies seem inexperienced?

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