Back in December the Democratic candidates agreed to not campaign in Michigan and Florida so as to censure them in deference to Nevada, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa. As of today, Obama is accusing Hillary of campaigning in Florida.

“In fact, the Clinton campaign inquired Tuesday if the Miami Beach Convention Center will be available for a “rally” on Jan. 27, two days before the state holds its earliest primary in history. City officials said there’s no agreement yet because they are checking whether the massive hall is available.”

Florida is not a state that can be ignored. The Democrats tried to have their way in writing it off but can they ignore the wishes of one of the most populated states? They want to have their cake and eat it too. They kept their names on the ballots but agreed not to campaign there. (Until Hillary got desperate) If anyone should be mad it is Michigan who clearly was not important enough to break the rules.

Instead of whining, Obama should throw it right back at her and campaign there too. Obama is the more popular candidate and instead of being the little schoolgirl accusing the bully of hitting first, he should punch back as hard as he can.

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