Hillary Clinton has something big to hide from the public, and despite her statements saying that she will release any information people want to see, she is doing just the opposite. Although in a recent speech Chelsea Clinton said that one should not, vote, or not vote, for her mother based on her father, the reality is, Bill severely effects Hillary’s campaign. USA today published an article writing that the archivists of the Clinton library said that with the guidance of Bill Clinton, they have chose not to release documents to the public, some of which will shed light of some of the scandalous white house stories, such as questionable pardons.

Obama’s campaign saw this the way us voters see it-an unfair secrecy and scary reality if Hillary should will the election. Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, told reporters in a conference call, “She’s been reluctant to disclose information, If she’s not willing to be open with (voters) on these issues now, why would she be open as president?” This is a issue all voters should be looking at and be concerned about. The Freedom of Information act is great, but not when it is blocked by executive powers and ultimately allows presidents such as Clinton to abuse his powers in office, and never have to face public scrutiny for his actions.

I don’t know why Hillary is doing this, but it makes me nervous. If the Clintons wont release statements about their time in the white house, how can we know what Hillary was up to during those years? This secrecy tells the American people that the Clintons have much to hide, and by putting them in power again, we are condoning their scandalous actions, and tactics of secrecy.

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