Hillary Clinton has been caught in a little white lie. She claimed that she was fired upon when she landed in Bosnia 12 years ago. In a move very uncharacteristic of CBS, they went after her like she was a Republican. The video below shows Hillary Clinton being cast as a liar.

I find it interesting that Hillary Clinton told this lie since I find it hard to believe it was an accidental lie. I don’t know about you but I would certainly not forget if I was fired upon. Since Hillary Clinton never served in the military this supposed sniper fire would have been one of a few or likely the only time she has been shot at. That type of memory is not forgotten if it occurs and it is the type of vivid memory that one can be fairly certain either happened or did not. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton tried to pull a fast one and did not expect to be caught blatantly lying. Barack Obama and Reverend Wright has taken attention away from Hillary Clinton, but CBS with Hillary Clinton’s help have grabbed it back. Hillary Clinton has shown again that she will do whatever it takes to win.

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