During the entire primary season, Hillary Clinton has claimed that she is trying her hardest to rush the documents out related to her time in the White House and even yesterday during the debate she reiterated the same claim. The White House has officially contradicted that claim:

During the debate in Cleveland, moderator Tim Russert of NBC News noted Clinton’s claim of White House experience and asked her whether she will release the documents “during this primary” to “let the public know what you did, who you met with those eight years.”

“Absolutely,” Clinton replied. “I’ve urged that the process be as quick as possible. … I’ve urged that, and I hope it will happen.”

But White House Press Secretary Dana Perino told reporters that President Clinton’s representative has issued no directive since being notified Jan. 31 by the National Archives January 31 “that they propose to release over 11,000 pages of records in whole or in part relating to the schedules of the First Lady Hillary Clinton.”

So now that it is obvious that Hillary Clinton is not rushing to releasing any information it is time to speculate what exactly she has to hide.

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