On a first-lady goodwill tour of Asia in April 1995—the kind of banal trip that she now claims as part of her foreign-policy “experience”—Mrs. Clinton had been in Nepal and been briefly introduced to the late Sir Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Mount Everest. Ever ready to milk the moment, she announced that her mother had actually named her for this famous and intrepid explorer. The claim “worked” well enough to be repeated at other stops and even showed up in Bill Clinton’s memoirs almost a decade later, as one more instance of the gutsy tradition that undergirds the junior senator from New York.

The only problem with this sweet story is that Hillary was born 6 years after Sir Edmund Hillary ascended Mount Everest. Is this just a harmless white lie to take advantage of a moment or is this pattern endemic to Hillary’s say anything to get elected strategy? Take another example of Hillary’s bent at White Lies.

In 1999 on the Today show while contemplating a run for the New York Senate seat, she claimed to have always been a Yankees fan. When challenged by Katie Couric for her ability to be a Yankees fan when she grew up in Chicago, she answered “I am a Cubs fan,” Clinton said. “But I needed an American League team . . . so as a young girl, I became very interested and enamored of the Yankees.”

One last example: “In January 1996, a long sought-after copy of billing records from the Rose Law Finn were identified and turned over to prosecutors by Carolyn Huber, a White House assistant to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ms. Huber, herself a former Rose Law Firm employee, recognized the records and realized that they had been among papers that she had removed six months earlier from the First Lady’s book room on the third floor of the White House.”

Hillary Clinton thoroughly denied having had anything to do with this yet “The Senate Whitewater Committee concluded that Hillary Clinton was the person most likely to have put the billing records in her book room, or know how they got there.” Who do we believe and even more important, do we believe any thing she says now?!

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