Hillary Clinton took a stab at her own daughter’s career this week. ABC reports that in Parma, Ohio, Clinton “suggested wealthy investment bankers and hedge fund managers on Wall Street aren’t doing real ‘work’.” Chelsea Clinton works for the New York based Capital Group. This is not the first time Hillary Clinton has tried to put down the work of those who manage Wall Street.

Hillary has made similar comments in the pasts. In 2006 She said that young people “think work is a four-letter word.” Such a statement was insulting to all those young people who work hard, especially her own daughter Chelsea. After Chelsea placed a phone call to her mother, Hillary apologized, though evidently this was not such a sincere apology.

For someone who is lagging behind in the race to the White House, putting people down in such a derogatory manner is a surprising campaign move. The young people, as proven with Obama’s success, can be a useful and influential group in the ultimate decision.

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