A month ago George Bush did a sword dance in Saudi Arabia, and last week George Bush did an African dance in Liberia. Barack Obama was well grounded in his response to the Hillary Clinton attempt to defame him.

“Everybody knows that whether it’s me or Senator Clinton, or Bill Clinton, that when you travel to other countries they ask you to try on traditional garb that you have been given as a gift,” he told WAOI, “The notion that the Clinton campaign would be trying to circulate this as a negative on the same day that Senator Clinton was giving a speech about how we repair our relationships around the world is sad. We are going to try to stay focused on what will make a difference in our foreign policy, including bringing the war in Iraq to an honorable end.”

The fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign needs to dig this up speaks to their desperation. It is not the fact that he wore a costume which they sought to hurt him with, rather it was the imagery. They wanted to make it difficult for the Ohio and Texas voters to pull the Barack Obama lever for a man they saw wearing a costume. If this is the best they can do, the attacks in the next few days will be even worse.

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