Since Hillary has started running there have been complaints about her sneaky tactics on hiding information. She claims to have experience yet she does not allow anyone access to the files from the White House years. Now a new complaint has surfaced by journalists that her aides are blocking access to her.

Clinton blames an overtaxed schedule for the arm’s-length approach, but something more fundamental is at work here. She, like her rivals, wants to deliver a daily message, usually framed around some policy prescription, while reporters want to ask her about the latest polls, tactics or blast from Barack Obama or John Edwards. And answering questions off the cuff always risks the possibility of a blunder, as when Clinton told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell during the 1992 campaign that she had chosen to pursue a career rather than stay home and “bake cookies.”

Expect an apology tomorrow and a meeting with her choice reporters. Americans should demand more from candidates requesting their vote. While they are running for office they are at the whim of the public and not vice versa.


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