Could Hillary Clinton actually become John McCain’s running mate??? This is an interesting idea being floated today by the inner advisers of the Clinton campaign and it is particularly poignant after Hillary Clinton’s dismal performance yesterday. As Barack Obama and many others have said Hillary Clinton will do whatever it takes to maintain and gain power, so this certainly makes sense from her perspective. However is John McCain crazy enough to take Hillary Clinton on as his running mate? That is the question of the day especially while John McCain dodges question on who could be his Vice President.

First let’s dissect Hillary Clinton’s thoughts. The long and protracted fight has made pretty strong enemies out of the Democratic candidates. Were Hillary Clinton to withdraw she would be expected to throw her political goodwill and energy behind Barack Obama. This election unlike any other primary has gone on for an extremely long time. Hillary Clinton would have a very difficult time giving up after over a year of fighting Barack Obama and throwing him her support. If Hillary Clinton joins the John McCain ticket as a vice president she can keep fighting.

Also, Hillary Clinton has been known to be extremely power hungry. Could she take the chance of having Barack Obama get elected and then waiting 8 years for her chance at running again? Not likely. Barack Obama may have another race left in him, but this race has taken everything Hillary Clinton had. She sold out on everything; why not sell out a bit more.

Assuming Hillary Clinton is sold on the idea of becoming John McCain’s running mate, will John McCain take her as his Vice President? The advantage to John McCain is that he can away the 48% of Democratic voters that support Hillary Clinton, however, the glaring disadvantage is that Republicans will not support their candidate. John McCain likes to be seen as the “reach across the aisle” candidate but I do not believe he is this self-destructive.

John McCain as a long time observer of the Clinton’s knows how power hungry Hillary Clinton can be, and probably believes that Hillary Clinton will lend her tacit supper to John McCain. The Clinton’s are far too vengeful and power hungry to allow Barack Obama to trump them. It is more likely that despite her claims yesterday of being “ready to support the Democratic nominee” that she will work against Barack Obama, both so she can run again in 4 years and to get some mileage for her 15 months of effort. As a secret ally, the Republican dirt machine can expect to get constant input from the Clintons in return for some sort of reward in the McCain administration for either Bill or Hillary Clinton. From John McCain’s standpoint he has Hillary Clinton in his camp already if/when she does not win the nomination and she is certainly less damaging and divisive as an ally than an outright running mate.

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