Bill Clinton called Barack Obama’s bid to be president “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen” and MSNBC’s David Shuster says that the Clinton campaign is “pimping out Chelsea Clinton.” The Clinton campiagn is furious at Shuster as if the Obama campaign had made this claim while it is clear that the Obama campaign has no sway whatsoever on MSNBC ( a network that has even been accused of leaning towards Hillary Clinton.) At the same time, the Obama campaign is still upset at Bill Clinton’s fairy tale remark.

It is odd that the news is dominated by attacks committed by others when a typical campaign would involve direct attacks, and there is certainly plenty to attack. The fact that we are seeing news on attacks fought by others leads me to believe that the dirt in this campaign will be produced by proxies. It is no stretch to say that the ‘fairy tale’ came directly from Hillary Clinton since the Clintons claim to have pillow talk.

But what about the pimp remark??? The Clinton campaign is incensed by the pimping remark since for all they know that line could have come from the Obama people. They are threatening to boycott NBC AFTER Shuster apologized. Boycotting a media outlet during a campaign is dumbest thing any candidate could do. The Democrats tried to boycott Fox News and they were unsuccessful since the candidates are desperate for free coverage. Taking the drastic step of boycotting a ‘friendly’ network like NBC would only make sense if the Clinton’s were fairly certain that the Obama had something to do with the pimp comment. If there is truth to the Clintons fear this campaign season will be even more exciting since proxies have even more latitude to talk dirt as we have already seen with the Pimps versus Fair Tales.

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