For me one of the advantages of directtv  which  I priced out from   is that it comes with so many channels at such a wonderfully low price. This isn’t the kind of deal where they stick you with the intro price and then start dropping the services and raising the prices. I am actually getting a great package that is going to last years before it increases.

Last month, I tried getting rid of my expensive cable expense from Comcast  hoping to save $130 per month. To decrease my bill, I purchased a Boxee box and hoped to stream shows from the Internet. This utterly failed me. I am now shopping for a new TV service and am back to  direct tv.

The best advantage to ordering Direct TV is in price. Not only are customers charged a low monthly fee when compared to most cable providers, they also get a discount on free equipment when they signup. This makes Direct TV the best choice for TV viewers who want the full experience in 2012, instead of settling for a digital tuner and maybe one extra digital channel besides local affiliates. Don’t waste your time with other providers, just go Direct!

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