Although John Edwards has not had much to say during this election (especially during Monday’s debates) he has now taken a firm step by attacking Hillary Clinton and questioning her in the face of South Carolina voters. Edwards said to a group of supporters today “After the debate she [Hillary] flew out and she’s been gone and she won’t be back until I don’t know – later in the week or until primary day. What are the chances she’s coming back when she’s president of the United States?”

Edwards harped on the fact that he wont forget where he came from and that he wont be the kind of president who “thinks of Bennettsville as some place you fly over on the way from New York to Miami.” On the other hand, he says, Clinton will forget about the small town people and voters who helped her during the election.

Although these were not kind words, it was nice to see that Edwards has some kind of backbone and the ability to stand up for himself. So rarely is he caught attacking other candidates- something quite unusual for his democratic side of the presidential campaign.

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