After losing Florida last night, John Edwards plans to announce that he is dropping out of the race, The Wall Street Journal has announced. Despite his noteworthy attempts, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama grabbed most of the attention leaving Edwards in the cold. It is no surprise that Edwards is dropping out of the race, only a surprise that he waited this long to do it. Edwards has not officially endorsed anybody and I wonder if he will. He may sit back while taking a neutral stance so he can make himself a good candidate for a VP for either Clinton or Obama. If Edwards wants to go to the White House putting himself in a position to be vice president seems like the only way to get there. One more reason to opt for the VP position rather than the commander-in-chief is because his wife is sick.

I know most people are hesitant to bring it up, but it does play an important part in Edwards’s decision (at least I hope!) As VP Edwards would be more flexible and able to take more opportunities to be with his wife as the need arises. I understand that Edwards initially said that his wife’s cancer will not affect his campaign but if he is a devoted husband how could it not?

Now the question is who will he back? At first, Hillary seemed to be first choice since she, like Edwards, carries experience in presidential campaign and has been a political figure in Washington for quite some time now. But then I noticed that Joe Biden was sitting next to Hillary at the State of the Union address leading to speculation that he might be offered the VP position if Clinton is nominated. That leaves Barack Obama as the probable option. An important aspect to take note of is that Edwards dropped out early enough to make a difference to for both Clinton and Obama. A lot of Edwards’ supporters are expected to vote for Obama. The timing of Edwards leave seems to indicate that he his passing on his voters to Obama to help him out and win the election.

Edward himself has been angling for an Obama ticket with his comments in South Carolina

And this may come as a surprise to some of you, coming from another presidential candidate, me, but as someone who grew up in the segregated South, I feel an enormous amount of pride when I see the success that Senator Barack Obama is having in this campaign.

And some days, now I’d be less than honest if I didn’t say some days I wish he was having a little less success, but it gives me great pride to see the reception he has received. We have come a long way in the 54 years that I’ve been on this earth, but not far enough. We still have work to do. And the hopes that both Senator Obama and I have for this nation and this country that we love so much, they’re real hopes.

I must say I was troubled recently to see a suggestion that real change came not through the Reverend Martin Luther King, but through a Washington politician. I fundamentally disagree with that. Those who believe that real change starts with Washington politicians have been in Washington too long and are living in a fairy tale.

Will Obama take him on as a VP? This question, I believe can be answered very simply. No one else out there can deliver the same amount of voters as Edwards can on the Democratic side. However, the real draw is is his power in November. Obama will pick Edwards for the same reason Kerry did in 2004. Edwards can deliver Southern states who still have the vestiges of racism or fear a Harvard professor from the Midwest. Obama will not find the need to compete with his running mate since they each will have their strong points.

Hillary, on the other hand, would not be able to handle Edwards as a running mate since Hillary wants to be everything to everyone: A liberal, a woman, a Southerner from Arkansas, a New Yoker. Most importantly she is already sharing the stage with her husband Bill, and there is no need for other men in this race. Look for Hillary to pick a Cheney type of VP – the strong background type while Bill will play the typical role of a VP in this race if Hillary get the Democratic nod.

Having said all this, the ultimate truth is that Edwards will likely accept a VP position with anyone who offers it. Both Obama and Clinton had sweet words to say upon Edwards announcement that he is quitting the race. Edwards seems anxious to get to the White House, and he will probably be willing to go with either Clinton or Obama.

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