Though some would think it fortunate that McCain had such an easy time wrapping up the Republican nomination, he fears it will hurt his campaign. He recently told reporters about his easy win that, “It makes me have to work harder, obviously, to make sure that we maintain the visibility.”

Compared with the Democratic soap-opera, the Republican party has not been getting enough media coverage. Of course, no one really cares about McCain at this point since he has bagged the nomination, but the question is if this will severely hurt his campaign. Much of the presidential race is about how much the media covers which nominee, for good or for bad. We saw this when the New York Times wrote about McCain and the lobbyist. Despite the bad press, press is news, and it put McCain in the spotlight.

Will voters actually forget about McCain, or have those republican voters already made up their minds, leaving less interest in media stories on McCain? This is to be seen. For now, McCain would need to do something wild and outrageous to get in the media and for anyone to take notice of his existence.

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