Hillary Clinton is losing. The pundits can reason all they want but I think it comes down to the ugliness and negativity which emanated from the Clinton’s and their staffers. This stamp of evil is present on all aspects of the election. The Republicans have stayed relatively pleasant and so has Obama, but the Clintons have generated so many dirty headlines about THEIR opponent. Hillary Clinton’s months of dirt have led up to stories that read like her obituary.

Mr. Obama’s achievement on Super Tuesday was solid and reinforced trend lines. The popular vote was a draw, the delegate count a rough draw, but he won 13 states, and when you look at the map he captured the middle of the country from Illinois straight across to Idaho, with a second band, in the northern Midwest, of Minnesota and North Dakota. He won Missouri and Connecticut, in Mrs. Clinton’s backyard. He won the Democrats of the red states.
On the wires Wednesday her staff was all but conceding she is not going to win the next primaries. Her superdelegates are coming under pressure that is about to become unrelenting. It was easy for party hacks to cleave to Hillary Clinton when she was inevitable. Now Barack. Obama’s people are reportedly calling them saying, Your state voted for me and so did your congressional district. Are you going to jeopardize your career and buck the wishes of the people back home?

Here is to hoping that the final part of this race will be a lot cleaner without the Clintons muddying the waters of the political system. This hope is contingent on Hillary Clinton bowing out and not returning us to the ugly days of the 2000 recount. If history is any proof, Hillary will not go quietly.

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