This year is the election of change. An African-American, a woman, a Mormon, a liberal Republican, and even a minister have dominated ballot. Whomever the nominees will be they will break their mold and bring on a running mate who is their opposite. If Obama wins, he will bring on Edwards as his VP to attract the traditional base. McCain while unique and more liberal than the traditional GOP candidate, he is still not too far from the base. McCain’s challenge will be to attract the voters who were drawn in to politics for the first time just to watch change go into effect. For that reason, I believe we will see Colin Powell as McCain’s running mate.

Colin Powell was the darling of the media in 2000 when the media had hoped he would become the first African-American president. At the time, Powell unequivocally refused to consider the possibility. At the time he said “Running for president requires a passion and a commitment I do not have.” As a secretary of state, we saw a Colin Powell with a passion and a desire to see change in foreign policy. I believe that his years of public service will give Powell at least the passion to run alongside McCain, a candidate with many similar positions.

Matt Cooper on Huffington Post takes a different position on the possibility of Powell as Veep.

Race, though, makes Powell a compelling choice. If Clinton gets the nomination, African American voters are going to feel disappointed at seeing someone of their race get so close and then be deprived of the nomination. Most will continue to vote for the Democratic nominee but some would go to McCain-Powell and others might just stay home. McCain-Powell would have a certain breakthrough quality that would easily match Clinton-Bayh or Clinton-Strickland. You could argue that an Hispanic gives McCain more of an edge, but the ranks of Republican Hispanics who are ready for the presidency seems thin. There’s Florida Senator for former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez but I doubt whether a Cuban-American from Florida will hold much sway in Colorado, California, New Mexico, New Jersey and other states with large Hispanic populations.

I couldn’t agree more, and I believe that Powell will help keep the Republicans in power.

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