I strongly reccomend this great editorial by Timothy Rutten at the LA Times. He contends that CNN intentionally skewed the content of the most recent Republican debate to what will increase their ratings. His main issue is why CNN devoted so much time to immigration questions.

That’s where things begin to get troubling, because CNN chose to devote the first 35 minutes of this critical debate to a single issue — immigration. Now, if that leaves you scratching your head, it’s probably because you’re included in the 96% of Americans who do not think immigration is the most important issue confronting this country. We’ve got a pretty good fix concerning what’s on the American mind right now, because the nonpartisan and highly reliable Pew Center has been regularly polling people since January on the issues that matter most to them. In fact, the center’s most recent survey was conducted in the days leading up to Wednesday’s debate.

That is a pretty harsh accusation, read the rest of the article to learn more.

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