The LA Times reports that in a town hall meeting in Bridgeton, Mo, a woman from the audience called president Bush “Bush the bastard,” which was met by an applauding Democratic audience and a smiling Hillary Clinton. Initially when hearing about the story I thought it was pretty nasty though understandable since Clinton will do whatever it takes to win this election. The problem is though, that when a similar instance happened with republican John McCain, CNN played the tape of a woman calling Clinton “The bitch” and criticized McCain for not admonishing the woman.

In all political fairness, Clinton deserves the same criticisms, if not more. McCain and Clinton are clearly rivals leaving a rational reason for McCain not to upset a prospective voter by admonishing her. Clinton’s questioner on the other hand criticized the current president of our country and whether one likes him or not, a certain amount of respect should be showed by all candidates regardless of their political party.

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