In a rather unmemorable debate last night at the Kodak Theater, Clinton made a ‘funny,’ though rather scary comment last night found on Timeonline. She said, “It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush.” I would think the Clintons want to hide the fact that the same two families have been running America for the past 22 years and if she gets elected-27 years. I suppose she is not concerned with this idea, or maybe it’s the Clinton ego.

Like her husband, Hillary sometimes shows the public that she thinks that only the Clinton, as a team, can accomplish tasks on Capital Hill. This also shows the public that by electing Hillary, you are electing Bill, again. This statement made it clear that Hillary plans to do as her husband Bill did while in the White House.

It is interesting that she discussed the mess of the Bush’s while excusing (or conveniently forgetting) the mess the Clintons made during their years in the White House. Although this comment was meant as a joke and a little laughter for the audience, when paid attention to, it is no laughing matter and voters should look at it as a very important tell-tale piece about the Clintons.

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